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Friday, October 20, 2017

Bring This Great Civil Injustice Before The Bench

Every time you brush your teeth, pray "tea toss, Lord."

Photo by Scott Ehardt, Public Domain.

Apart from another Great Awakening, Bible reading and prayer will not be restored to state schools soon. John Dewey's non-theistic Common Faith is too deeply entrenched. The toothpaste has been out for too long, and cannot be put back in the tube.

But there's a better way.

Why not allow the tax dollars that I pay for the next generation's education go directly to the educational system of my choice?

As a property owner, about 50% of my real estate taxes go to the state-run schools in my area, and only to them. This tax is confiscatory, and if we do not pay it, my wife and I will lose our home. We are forced to financially support the only schools in town that are silent about the real world, and what it's for. This is not "neutral" education. Far from it! See The Underestimated Power of Silence.

Why can't I choose the kind of system I want to have receive the financial benefit of my educational tax dollars? This is the just way. If I were Jewish, and I wanted to support the Jewish schools in my city, why should I not have this choice? If I were Muslim, and I wanted to support the Islamic schools in my town, why should I not have this choice?

A parental voucher system can also be done (as some states are doing), but vouchers do not allow those without school-age children to have any say in the matter. We all have a stake in this. Every voice counts.

I'm for choice! If I want my tax dollars to support the Common Faith schools, let it be. But if I choose to support the Christian schools or homeschooling efforts in my area, why should I not be able to direct my educational tax dollars to those endeavors, without passing them through government hands at all? It's still for education, and it can still be confiscatory! People who cheat can easily get caught.

The current no-voice system is unjust, and it's time to toss the tea overboard.

Let the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims, hire the toughest atheist lawyers the American Civil Liberties Union can offer, who will vigorously oppose the government preference for one faith over others, and toss the tea out. Let's bring this great civil injustice before the Bench, and fight fire with fire. 

While we can.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Indeed, Mr. Webster, Tell Us About It

Twelve days ago, in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, 59 people lay dead and over 500 were wounded in a shocking mass shooting. Depending on how "mass shooting" is defined, some sources say there are hundreds of cases per year in the US, while other sources say it's closer to dozens. Whether it's dozens or hundreds, it's a problem. People of all political persuasions agree this problem needs to be "fixed." But I have yet to hear a single mass media pundit even remotely suggest this problem might be linked to a gag order imposed on Bible reading in US elementary and secondary schools in the 60s, and the total absence of instruction in basic Christianity which used to be commonplace in our state-run schools. (Shocking, isn't it?) Could there be a connection here? It's time for a refresher course from one of our Founding Fathers, Noah Webster, who was once considered the "Schoolmaster of the Nation."

(Photo by Pobrien301, Public Domain)

Founding Father Noah Webster wrote that education was "useless without the Bible." His American Dictionary of 1828 included more biblical citations than any other reference volume of his day, and probably since.

In his Preface to that Dictionary (which shaped the way Americans spell, and influenced the way Americans thought), Webster wrote: "In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed...No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people."

Our problem now is, we want “freedom” without Christianity. 

How's that working out?   

Webster wrote: "...the education of youth should be watched with the most scrupulous attention. Education, in a great measure, forms the moral characters of men, and morals are the basis of government."

He went on: "...it is much easier to introduce and establish an effectual system for preserving morals, than to correct, by penal statutes, the ill effects of a bad system."

Indeed, Mr. Webster, tell us about it.

Webster referred to the Bible as "that book which the benevolent Creator has furnished for the express purpose of guiding human reason in the path of safety, and the only book which can remedy, or essentially mitigate, the evils of a licentious world."  

In a letter to David McClure, written on October 25, 1836, Webster wrote: "Any system of education...which limits instruction to the arts and sciences, and rejects the aids of religion in forming the character of citizens, is essentially defective."

Dear reader, I submit that we are seeing an increase of lawlessness in this nation because we have been feeding our elementary and secondary students a steady diet of defective education since the 1960s, when the 10 Commandments were taken off the schoolroom walls, and Bible reading and prayer were declared unconstitutional. 

Tell that to those who wrote the Constitution. Webster would have a few choice words for us today. Thankfully, his words were written down. They are part of the historic record. This includes the record at the University of Washington, where I confirmed all of the above quotes, and documented them in Assumptions That Affect Our Lives.

Please read that book. And give a copy to a friend.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Handmaid's Tale

This painting, called "A Fair Puritan," is by E. Percy Moran, a US artist who created it in 1897. We've come a long way since that time, with respect to the image of Christians in our nation. Recently I wrote that Christianity is being demonized in the US. In the guest post below (used by permission), Philip Irvin shares one chilling example of a grotesque caricature of conservative Christians in pop culture that should concern us all.
(This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA)

Suppose a TV series presented a dystopian world where a religious group imposed something more severe than Shariah law. In this religious world, women were not only brutally subjugated and ritually raped but were also legally prohibited from working outside the home, owning property, handling money, or even reading. What would be the response to this series?
If the religious group were identified as Muslims, all those involved would be strung up by their thumbs and denounced as Islamophobiacs.
If instead, the series vented its venom at conservative Christians, you would find that “the series [The Handmaid's Tale] garnered extremely positive reviews and won the 2017 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, along with seven other Emmy Awards from 13 nominations."  
Please consider what would have happened if this level of venom were vented on any other group. What if the oppressing group were gays, blacks, or even not-in-the-news Hindus? But because this demonizes Christians it wins critical acclaim.
“The Birth of a Nation,” a movie about the Civil War and its aftermath, portrayed black men as unintelligent and sexually aggressive toward white women while portraying the Ku Klux Klan as a heroic force. This movie is credited with being one of the events that inspired the “second era” Ku Klux Klan that was formed in the same year, since the original Klan had died out decades earlier.
Do not be deceived into thinking that The Handmaid’s Tale is just harmless entertainment. Such a publicly acclaimed, grossly hostile representation of Bible-believing Christians is reminiscent of the displays of growing hostility toward Jews in pre-war Germany. This should cause conservative Christians concern.

Postscript by CO:
Recently, conservative Christian organizations have been dropped from credit card processing companies because they are deemed “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. See the Ruth Institute and American Vision

For further SPLC branding, see D. James Kennedy Ministries. Other organizations painted by the "hate group" brush include: Traditional Values Coalition, Family Research Institute, and American Family Association.

This should give every evangelical church and conservative Christian service organization "cause for concern," as Philip Irvin put it. Is it only a matter of time before the "hate group star of David" is painted on your church or favorite Christian service organization? 

By the way, would your church or favorite Christian service organization qualify for the SPLC “hate group” list? 

If not, why not?

*  *  *  

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Underestimated Power of Silence


Christianity was divorced from state schools in the U.S. during the 1960s. "Religion must be separated from education!” was the message from The Bench.

But don’t smart judges know it’s impossible to separate religion from education?

If it is a religious position to teach—or imply—that the Truths of Scripture are relevant to math, science, history and language, is it not also a religious position to teach—or imply— that these Truths are not relevant? 

If it is a religious position to say, “Jesus is Lord of all, and by Him and through Him all things exist,” is it not also a religious position to say—in so many words, or lack thereof— “Christ is not relevant to our discussion of biology, business or Macbeth?” Are not both statements religious positions?

To teach students that the Bible is irrelevant to biology, literature and math can be done very effectively without telling them this directly. A teacher does not have to stand in front of a class and say, “the biblical worldview has nothing to do with our subject” to communicate the message that the Book is irrelevant.

All they need to do is never mention how any subject relates to the Book that is above all other books, and give students the impression that the secularist worldview and postmodern paradigms of our day are true by never saying otherwise.

This is the underestimated power of silence.

For schoolchildren, this silence is far more effective than speech. Multiply it by 13 years, and in just 3 generations you'll see a much different nation come forth than Noah Webster envisioned, and Alexis de Tocqueville observed. Welcome to 2017.

If we think state education is religiously neutral, we must think again. Today, millions of children are being indoctrinated into John Dewey's self-described "Common Faith" (a non-theistic religion), under the guise of “neutrality."

How's this working out?

When teachers don't place a single academic subject into the context of a biblical frame-of-reference, are those teachers really being "neutral?"

Is it any wonder that our youth are leaving the Faith? The Book is irrelevant to anything of real importance! If it were relevant, why are its overarching Truths never mentioned in relation to a single academic subject for 13 years, and these Truths are not on any test?

They used to be self-evident. But no longer.

The underestimated power of silence.

*  *  *  

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Seeing Snails In Context


Last week I wrote about the problem of secularized education. What exactly does secularized education look like?

It looks like a biology class that never discusses God's purpose for living things, or how plants and animals fit into God's plan for humans to govern over creation, or how living things fit into our calling to love people, and what responsibilities (under God) we have with respect to plants and animals, or what plants and animals reveal about the character of the Creator, etc., etc. 

It is the bigger picture of reality that brings meaning to a subject, beyond the subject matter itself. Secularized education separates academic subject matter from the bigger picture of reality.

What does DE-secularized education look like?

It looks like the example below, from Lighthouse Christian School, in Gig Harbor, Washington, under the excellent leadership of my friends Stephen Roddy and Cindy Mathisen. 
For the past 3 years, Lighthouse Christian School has been working with Worldview Matters in a rigorous teacher-training program called, the WRAP [Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project]. One of the instructional tools the teachers are trained to use is the "Conversation Starter."

This tool helps teachers organize their thoughts on how they might help students understand whatever they are studying in the context of a larger frame-of-reference: the frame-of-reference provided by the biblical view of God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order and Purpose.

In the example below, students are seeing snails in context. You might say they are "contextualizing snails." 

This is not something you'll find in secularized schools. DE-secularized education unites academic subjects with the bigger picture of reality. It brings meaning to the subject, beyond the subject matter itself. I call it “wholistic” education.

This is real education for the real world. It is putting academic subject matter into the context of the bigger picture of everything, or, the biblical worldview. In the process, it strengthens relationships with the Creator, as well as with fellow human beings.

Below are students from Mrs. Kim Tarr's 2nd grade class, "contextualizing" snails:

Mrs. Tarr had the students work in 5 small groups. Each group had 1 question to discuss. This group focused on the question: "What purpose does God see in a snail?"

This group focused on the question: "What is BEST about snails?" (No doubt these boys loved that question!)

Mrs. Tarr posted the students' finished work on the wall, and the class had a large-group discussion. 

How would you answer this question?

This is the actual graphic organizer, called the "Conversation Starter," that Mrs. Tarr used to organize her thoughts ahead of the students' conversation about snails. Click the image to enlarge it, and read Kim's comments about each of these questions. You will see thought-provoking questions related to the 5 worldview components of God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order and Purpose. 

If you are a school principal wanting to discuss the WRAP program via telephone or an Internet video connection with me (Christian Overman), send me a note to set up a time, here.

We work with educators in any part of the world through our distance learning program. We have trained educators in Africa, Latin America, Asia, as well as the U.S.A., through the Internet successfully. 

*  *  *  

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Friday, September 15, 2017


Hurricanes are not the only storms hitting the USA. 
(Photo used by permission of NOAA.)

Is it any wonder the biblical foundations for law, government, family and gender that once provided commonly accepted harbor lights for U.S. society have been replaced? The incessant move toward the secularization of education and the privatization of Christianity over the past century has been enormously successful, expedited greatly through elementary and secondary schools.

By divorcing biblical Truths about God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order and Purpose from the study of language, math, literature, science, history, civil government and the arts, elementary and secondary schools created a sacred-secular divide in the minds of youth that has spanned several generations. Christianity was first secularized in our schools, and this made it easy for Christianity to be privatized in society. And now it is being excluded from the public square, constricted by both public opinion and judicial pronouncements.

Strong winds are trying to confine biblical Christianity to one’s personal life and Sunday services. Our constitutional free exercise of religion is being re-defined as "freedom of worship" (in a building called “church.”) Furthermore, that which was first secularized and then privatized, is now being demonized. Bibliocentric Christians are branded “intolerant,” “bigots” and “haters.”


What doesn’t make sense is why so many pastors have remained silent about secularizing education. Sending a child to a school that divorces Truth from academics, and never mentions God's purpose for learning, is nuts. Education that does not help students to see all knowledge in the context of the True Frame-of-Reference is like a church that teaches all about the Bible but makes no connections with how to live.  

Bible-believing Christians would not tolerate such a church. Yet 85 to 90 percent of evangelical parents send their children to schools where they are indoctrinated into secularized-privatism. Sending kids there to be “lights in the world” sounds good, until they come home thinking like their textbooks, making no connections whatsoever between any subject matter and the bigger picture of God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order and Purpose. They make no connections between God and history, and they think Christianity is just for church. Not for directing a business, designing software or doing civil service.

The same pastors who would never tolerate a so-called “neutral-and-values-free” Sunday School have been silent about a so-called “neutral-and-values-free” Monday through Friday system that is anything but.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost. There's another storm in progress, more destructive than Harvey and Irma combined. 

*  *  *  

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